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    Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Adapter, Iridium Extreme, Antenna, Power USB Adapter, Iridium Extreme, Power USB Leather Holster Quick Start Guide – printable copies available via User Guide (English) Data CD, Iridium Extreme Antenna, Portable Auxiliary AC Travel Charger (requires International Plug Kit for use) International Plug Kit (requires AC Charger for use) Auto Accessory Adapter Hands-Free Headset USB-Mini USB Cable How do I know if my SIM is active?

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    When an architecture is new, NXP is your best option for getting all the latest and greatest enablement software for our platforms.

    As the architecture matures, the enablement is upstreamed and accepted into the community permitting customers to get it directly from the community.

    Other recent 64-bit Linux distributions are expected to work but may require extra Linux knowledge.

    Older Linux distributions (e.g., Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4) would require extra work and updated software and is not recommended.

    OK OMAP3 Dev Kit8000 # nand write.i 81000000 680000 $(filesize) NAND write: device 0 offset 0x680000, size 0xc40000 Writing data at 0x12bf800 -- 100% complete.

    12845056 bytes written: OK 烧写过程和烧写内核镜像的过程一致,所以UBI文件系统应该不像yaffs文件系统那样用到了nand的OOB区域。 2)设置UBIFS文件系统作为根文件系统启动的参数 OMAP3 Dev Kit8000 # setenv bootargs console=tty S2,115200n8 ubi.mtd=4 root=ubi0:rootfs rootfstype=ubifs video=omapfb:mode:4.3inch_LCD OMAP3 Dev Kit8000 # setenv bootcmd nand read.i 80300000 280000 200000\;bootm 80300000 根文件系统的位置在MTD4上 系统启动时会打印出如下和UBI相关的信息: Creating 5 MTD partitions on "omap2-nand": 0x00000000-0x00080000 : "X-Loader" 0x00080000-0x00260000 : "U-Boot" 0x00260000-0x00280000 : "U-Boot Env" 0x00280000-0x00680000 : "Kernel" 0x00680000-0x08000000 : "File System" UBI: attaching mtd4 to ubi0 UBI: physical eraseblock size: 131072 bytes (128 Ki B) UBI: logical eraseblock size: 129024 bytes UBI: smallest flash I/O unit: 2048 UBI: sub-page size: 512 UBI: VID header offset: 512 (aligned 512) UBI: data offset: 2048 UBI: attached mtd4 to ubi0 UBI: MTD device name: "File System" UBI: MTD device size: 121 Mi B UBI: number of good PEBs: 970 UBI: number of bad PEBs: 2 UBI: max.

    Going forward, we encourage customers using Power Architecture based P-series and T-series platforms to get the enablement software directly from the community sources like and (uboot).So it’s a good time to try out and write about the firmware update instructions which are very similar to AML8726-MX firmware instructions.Bear in mind that firmware is usually specific to a given hardware platform, and if you try it on another non-compatible S802 TV box, you may brick your device.Any Windows, Mac OS, Linux computer or even your own Android device should be able to handle is as you just need to download, extract and copy files to an SD card.I’ve done the procedure from a computer running Ubuntu 13.04: This method might also work with any Amlogic S802 based device.

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