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    Updating iis server extensions

    Blog && zen Should Show Labels; Edit Menu = false; Edit Header = false; Edit Footer = false; Edit Admin Notice = false; if (Edit Menu) Page Url = "/display/UTI/menu"; if (Edit Header) Zen.header Page Url = "/display/UTI/header"; if (Edit Footer) Zen.For example, you will need the following package to install the Webgates for IIS: Oracle_Access_Manager10_1_4_3_0_Win32_: Oracle_Access_Manager10_1_4_3_0_Win64_ISAPI_Updating the IIS Web server configuration file is required when installing Webgates.Both versions of the Front Page Server Extensions are now available for most popular servers on several platforms (including UNIX) and in several languages.Let's look at what server extensions do, the differences between them, where you can get them, and my experience in migrating from the Front Page 98 to the Front Page 2000 Server Extensions.If you're just getting started with Microsoft Front Page, chances are you've been looking at the Front Page 98 Server Extensions.But if you're working in a fast-paced, feature-driven environment where customers are clamoring for forms that write to and read from a database (without programming) and Web sites that can have innumerable nested sub-Webs (each with a separate administrator, authors, and users), then take a look at the Front Page 2000 Server Extensions.

    updating iis server extensions-87

    With IIS Web servers, a configuration update involves updating the Web server directly by adding the ISAPI filter and creating extensions required by Oracle Access Manager.

    You may also submit the extension for inclusion in Apple’s Safari Extension Gallery, providing users with a one-click installation experience and automatic updates when new versions of your extension are released.

    Users can then install the extension in either of the following ways: Tip: If necessary, you can arrange to serve multiple versions of your extension for compatibility with different Safari versions.

    Oracle recommends that you update the IIS Web server configuration file automatically during Oracle Access Manager Web component installation. However, updating the IIS Web server configuration file manually takes longer and could introduce unintended errors.

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