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    function j Box(type,options){this.options=,this.default Options={Tooltip:, Mouse:, Modal:, Confirm:{target:j Query(window),fixed:!

    Examples for validating dates in plsql

    To convert decimal degrees to radians, multiply the number of degrees by pi/180 = 0.017453293 radians/degrees.

    */ v Lat1Rad := p Lat1 * 0.017453293; v Lat2Rad := p Lat2 * 0.017453293; v Lon1Rad := p Lon1 * 0.017453293; v Lon2Rad := p Lon2 * 0.017453293; v Lon := v Lon2Rad - v Lon1Rad; v Lat := v Lat2Rad - v Lat1Rad; a := POWER(SIN(v Lat/2),2) COS(v Lat1Rad) * COS(v Lat2Rad) * POWER(SIN(v Lon/2),2); /* The intermediate result c is the great circle distance in radians.

    The implicit cursor is used by Oracle server to test and parse the SQL statements and the explicit cursors are declared by the programmers.

    Using the implicit cursor, we can test the outcome of SQL statements in PL/SQL.

    The scope of these declarations is limited to the code within the block itself, or any nested blocks or procedure calls.

    Moreover, the Oracle server pre-compiles PL/SQL codes prior to the actual code execution and thus improving the performance.

    The basic PL/SQL code structure is : is an Oracle-supplied PL/SQL package and PUT_LINE is one of the packaged procedures.

    For example, PL/SQL functions returns a scalar value and PL/SQL procedures return nothing.

    Deal of the Day An easy to digest practical guide to Metasploit covering all aspects of the framework from installation, configuration, and vulnerability hunting to advanced client side attacks and anti-forensics.

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